ELDERS of Righteous Judgment by the HEART today ***


God Jesus, God Jesus today obedience of an Act of FAITH will go a longer way go to holyseer@gospelofthekingdomofgod.com paypal.com, Holy by the Blood and the Cross, not by my own works, you don't need an account  on paypal if you like to put into Christ treasury bag  as a sign of faith and towards your bag that wax not old. We are responible for our Faith, put your $ where your Faith is. All things in Common Bag, I spoke of in '2002, they tried it under the law and it didn't work. REIGNING BY FAITH, GRACE, HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, I inheirate the Promises by Faith and Patience. QAqa today, 9/26/13. My Royal daughter will press through, many to come.  Lets give 1c, 25c, 50c, $1.00, $500, $5,000, mil.  get your family apart of this to bring into Realistic Jesus kingdom Economic System, from City to City, those who have Faith help promote this, we must do for each other it is a Commandment, this will be towards our houses, Car Insurance, Medical things these that love the Lord have need of, this is just the beginning. Jesus kingdom Economics, we can do better then Lotto, we must put Faith to work. Send your $ as a Faith Token only needed email holyseer@gospelofthekingdomofgod.com, by Paypal.com * **  untill some act on this Faith Obedience today, put your Faith in God. This is the Door that has brought Gospel with Faith and Power to life here on the USA Shores, The Word of the kingdom, as well as, GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM since '03, The Royal Whigham is making Known the WILL of the Father through Divine Mysteries Ephatha  Manifestation of Abundance, even Jesus panhandle for a penney, Elijah for bread, Judas killed for thirty Pieces, the true wealth was right there with Iscariot in the person of Jesus, the wealth they had was not measured by dead presidents, money is not the Righteousness measure that one have to have that says except your Righteousness exceed the Pharisees today, not $ bills, not anointing, not title, nor position, nor spirit of excellence. You have to chose what COVENANT you or your group is being Faithful to, Law by Faith, Law through Faith? 20% of your income is $1.00 whats 20%? .20c thats bout the amount of a mustard seed, this simpliscity is very hard for some people thats use to straining at a gnat. taken out of Matthew 23:24   WORD OF THE KINGDOM live today. 5/9/13qa***  This Royal Whigham Family F.F. has given much:    There are great things to come for them that are going to be worthy to eat off the Good of the Land, This is greater then the land of Milk and Honey today. 


                                        God kingdom: FFF God Christ FIRST   ELECT Lady, kingdomSower1

                              HolySeer/Dr. Debra A/qar***Debra A./Queen A. Lamb of God

                                                      Truth and Grace, not of Church law Institution, Religion closes the Door.

                                                                   Father Abba: Daughter and God Son

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